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Ancient Alien History

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Ancient Alien History......Is all about the T.V. show and the Ancient Astronaut Theories "Ancient astronauts are aliens purported to have come to Earth thousands of years ago. Some claim that these aliens form the basis for the mythological gods of ancient cultures. Others suggest that we are descendants of these aliens. A few claim they came, placed random pieces of architecture in random spots, and left. They claim, for example, that structures made of stone such as the pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge, and the Nazca lines were made by a civilization advanced enough to achieve space travel" -Erich Von Daniken
Gods, Aliens, or is it Technologically Advance Ancient civilizations?. *Ancient Cast Members* - returns- Erich Von Danikan, Giorgio A. Tsoulakos, Phillip Coppens, David H, Childress, George Noory, Jason Martell, Dr. Jonathan Young, William J, Birnes. *The Ancient Astronauts (AA) Theory Revisited* William L. Saylor William Saylor explains the theory behind the A.A. Question....*Ancient Egyptian Temples*...........10 Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples.....*Ancient Alien Mysteries*...............Angels and Demons.....Men in Black......Angel Hair and more*Ancient Aliens Theory Evidence and Photos* A.A.Theory takes a see it as it is attitude towards closer encounters and the evidence that has been presented by drawings in caves and ancient religious texts *.Ancient Artwork*......Anomalous Deviations from the normal with no concern for common order. Paintings on Canvas dating back to the 1300's and primitive drawings on rocks all depicting Visitors from the past. Also depictions of Gods and ufo's......Set as wallpaper.zoom,*Space papers*....Wallpapers of Space and spaces associated with space. Tap space pic. go to web. long tap save image,set as..share and more.-UPDATED all pics are now linked-
*Third phase of moon*..*UFO FEEDS*...Collection of Youtube UFO/Conspiracies and related material.*Ringtones* Ringers from the Ancient Alien show-UPDATED still looking for perfection. update is minimal. much more updates are required.*Satellite Radio* A collection of Interviews With Ancient Alien Theorists*Art Bell Radio* Art Bell is an American broadcaster and author known as one of the founders and the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM.*Intrepid Magazine Blog*...Dr. Ward Daily Archaeological Digest...Ancient Aliens for ChildrenEulogy for Philip Coppens..........Phillips, Best Evidence Article*Joe Rogan Experience*......Interviews with Giorgio Tsoukalos # 125..Graham Hancock #142.*Astronotes* about Astrological phenomenon*Philip Coppens blog spot*... These are the last articles that were written for this blog from Phil before he passed on.The last blog is dated December 16th, 2012*Coast to Coast*. All the latest up to the minute Blog*The Bosnian Pyramids Blog**Season One to Six*..
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And now for the spiel... I do not in anyway or form represent the official Ancient Aliens show on History channel or any affiliates associated their within. This App complies with google policies and with United States fair play use.This is about Ancient Alien History I'm just someone who happens to have the burning Question's, Where did we come from? Who built the Pyramids of Giza? Will there ever be answers on any of the Questions that Ancient Astronaut Theorist's put upon us?.