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Ancient Alien History

Developer: Kilroy Apps

Come and explore the building blocks of a hypothesis that continues to compel the opinions of modern day thinkers.A comprehensive description and explanation of the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.
An exposition moves forward by beginning with the very foundation that it is built upon. The ideal of aliens visiting humanity in the distant past is a representation of the material that composes building blocks, forming a theoretical framework that is used as a guide by theorists.
Hidden History
Legends, mythological stories, depictions and recorded events of contact with ancient astronauts has affected the development of different civilizations and cultures throughout since the dawn of man. Some of these influences speak of a species that is accepted by theorists as being that to which modern humans evolved from. The oldest known traces of Homo sapiens are dated from 196,000 BC. which was discovered in Southern Africa and is directly linked to a variety of Homo geniuses. During this earlier period the Anunnaki deity gods Enki and Ninhursag created hybrid workers through genetic manipulation from this group of Homo for slave labour in gold mines.
Top Supporting Building Blocks
AnunnakiAdamuGenetically Altered HumansVisitors From The StarsAlien Slave MinesWorldwide TransportationMachine MarksGiza Power PlantWireless Electrical GridThe Book of EzekielPanspermiaTime TravelWormholesCradle of CivilizationWalking Among UsSaqqara Bird
In order to undergo the process of excavating an ideal that is not accepted by mainstream academia, experts are consulted for their knowledge in a specific field of subject matter for the materials that are related to the theory.
Top Related Fields
AuthorsArchaeologistEngineersArchitectsHistoriansProfessorsGovernment BodiesUFO InvestigatorsTalk Radio HostScientistAstronautsTribal MembersFolkloristPhysicistPhDResearchersAstronomersStone Sculptor
The app explores alternative ways for the archaeological analysis of ancient civilizations & their gods. Today we will be stepping outside the norms and into the past of Ancient Alien History..
Please standby for Topics on the Exposition of the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.